Make the best of the Shintaido of America YouTube channel

by Sarah Baker

Cheers and standing ovations to all. The Shintaido of America YouTube Channel has 167 Subscribers by the end of April 2023!!

Have you visited the Shintaido of America YouTube channel? Here is what one person said:

I never subscribed to any channel. But this is worth subscribing to.
Maybe should be mentioned in a newsletter.

So here we go – a brief article introducing everyone to the current Shintaido of America YouTube Channel.

If you follow this link: you will find yourself on our YouTube home page

Included here, you will find our current offering of over 190 videos ranging from highlights captured during keikos and larger gathering, replays of Sunday Zoom keiko, katas for reference, and interviews and talks.

You are welcome to browse the videos in one giant list. Also, on the Home page, you will find them sorted by categories and then into playlists by topics such as:

  • Interviews & Sharings
    Don’t see an interview of someone you’ve wondered about, let us know. You’ll also find insights into Shintaido practice shared by HF Ito formally and informally. 
  • Podcasts
    Currently working on our second season.  You will find our complete first season here as well.   
    The new season has two podcasts that are released twice each month. Hear David Franklin read from our book selection Untying Knots: A Shintaido Chronicle by Michael Thompson. In 2023 we are also offering periodic interviews. So far this year we have listened to Mario Uribe, Kent Nagano, and Brad Larson. 
  • Shintaido Disciplines
    An assortment of videos from Kenjutsu, Bohjutsu, Karate, and Shintaido
  • Shintaido Keiko and Events
    See replays of Sunday Zoom keiko, revisit workshops and gasshukus including PacShin Kangeiko in 2022 and 2021, workshops in Quebec and much more.
  • Created Playlists
    This area contains all the playlists that have been created on the SOA channel. All of these playlists can be found in the headings at the top of the page, but if you know the grouping of videos you want to see, this is a good place to look.
  • Videos
    The “Videos” area is just that, all the individual public videos posted on the Shintaido of America YouTube channel. Maybe you know what you are looking for by title, but are not sure which category or playlist it might be in. Or perhaps you simply want to browse all of the videos to see if something sparks an interest.

It is also possible to search just Shintaido of America’s videos on YouTube by title. 

At first, this may seem confusing but just stick with me. 

On the Shintaido of America YouTube Home page, there is a large search bar across the top of the page. This bar is used to search all YouTube channels. 

To keep your search within the Shintaido of America videos, please notice there is a second magnifying glass. This is below the Shintaido of America banner “Opening to Life” and below the level of Jumping Man.  Scroll all the way over on the far right to find the Search Icon/magnifying glass.

Use this search icon to search locally on the Shintaido of America channel. 

The best way to learn is to just poke around and see what you find. You can’t break it, we promise.

Please let us know if the Channel is missing something you would like to find here. Or maybe the content is okay, but you’d like shorter or longer videos. Maybe you have an idea that just isn’t here at all.

If you haven’t already “subscribed”, please do it today and enjoy our channel.

Subscribing is completely free and as easy as clicking:

Once you’ve subscribed, you can choose how often you want to be notified when Shintaido of America posts a video.

Please let us know what type of content you enjoy. Was the content useful? Any suggestions are welcome.

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