Appendix II



Gasshuku Director or Guest Instructor
Travel expenses, paid gasshuku expenses, plus fee:

Master Instructor: $500 per gasshuku
General Instructor: $400 per gasshuku
Senior Instructor: $300 per gasshuku
Instructor: $200 per gasshuku
Invited Goreisha
Master Instructor: $200 per class
General Instructor: $150 per class
Senior Instructor: $100 per class
Instructor: $50 per class
Guest Examiner
Per class fee for each class taught, as noted above.

The Gasshuku Director and Gasshuku Manager will decide in advance who will teach during the Gasshuku. This advanced planning is necessary for budgeting purposes.

Of exam fees, one third go directly to SoA, and the remaining two thirds are divided among all the examiners.

As the founding members of SoA, H.F. Ito and Michael Thompson are invited to attend all SoA-accredited gasshukus free of charge.


SoA/ISC fee structure as of January 2017
Shintaido of America Dues
General Member $60
International Shintaido College Dues
Graduate/Shodan & above $60
Examination Fees (You must be a fully paid member of SoA to take an exam)
Bo and Karate
10 kyu – 6 kyu $30
5 kyu – 1 kyu $40
Shodan $150
Nidan $200
Advanced Student $40
Assistant $40
Graduate $150
Instructor $200
Graduate/Shodan and Instructor/Nidan exam fees include an SoA Examination Licensing/Diploma Fee (one-time fee paid after passing an exam) of $50 for Graduate/Shodan and $100 for Instructors/Nidan. If the examinee does not pass, the appropriate diploma fee is refunded. Above Nidan and Instructor, licensing fees are handled directly by the International Shintaido College (ISC).
Bo and Karate
Shodan $50
Nidan $100
Graduate $50
Instructor $100