Past Officers & Members

The Board of Directors would like to recognize those individuals who have served as officers and members in the past.

Your contributions have been greatly appreciated. Thank you!


First Name Last Name Years Title
Byron Russell 2012-2015 President
Bill Burtis 2010-2012 President
Stephen Billias 2008-2010 President
Robert Kedoin 2008-2010 Vice-President
Linda Foss 2007-2010 Editor
Stephen Billias 2005-2019 Editor
Chris Ikeda-Nash at least 1994-present Financial Officer
Stephen Billias 2003-present Project Manager
Mario Uribe 2001-present Honorary Member
Connie Borden 1997-2008 President
Marti Bartlett 2006-2008 Membership Secretary
Roby Newman 2005-2007 Editor
Kesh Narayanan 2001-2006 Honorary Member
Sandra Bengtsson ?-2008 Treasurer
Eva Thaddeus 2004 Editor
Sandra Bengtsson at least 2003-2006 Membership Secretary
Michael Thompson 1997-1998 Membership Secretary
Michael Thompson 1995-1996 Treasurer
Juliette Farkouh 1994 Equipment Manager
Brad Larson 1994-1996 Membership Secretary
Friedemann Schulz 1994-1996 President
Tomi Nagai-Rothe 1994 Editor
Eric Avildsen 1992 President
David Franklin 1992 Secretary
Tomi Nagai-Rothe 1992 Editor
Chris Nash 1992 Treasurer
Connie Borden 1989 ISF Representative
Michael Buckley 1989 Armorer
Connie Borden 1989 Membership Secretary
H.F. Ito 1989 President
Tom Stinnett 1989-1990 Editor
Jim Sterling 1988-1989 VP and Secretary
Chris Nash 1988-1989 Treasurer
Juliette Farkouh 1988-1989 Equipment Manager
Bela Breslau 1987-1988 Editor
Thomas Abbott 1986 Editor
Michael Thompson 1985-1987 President
Bela Breslau 1985-1987 VP and Secretary
Bob Howald 1985-1987 Treasurer
Kazu Shibao 1985-1987 Equipment Manager
Jim Sterling 1985-1987 SIC Representative
Irene Hadeishi 1987-1989 Honorary Board Member
David Nakagawa 1985-1988 Honorary Board Member
Nobu Hadeishi 1985-1988 Honorary Board Member


First Name Last Name Years Note
Robert Gaston 2023-Present
Shin Aoki 2007-2023 NTC Chairperson
Nancy Billias 2012-present  
Connie Borden 2015-present  
David Franklin 1996-present  
Brad Larson 2015-present  
Stephen Billias 2004-2010  
Robert Kedoin 2006-2015  
Mary Foran 2008-2012  
Robert Gaston 2008-2014  
Byron Russell 2008-2015  
Connie Borden 1994-2009  
Sandra Bengtsson 2004-2008  
Eva Thaddeus 1996-2008  
Lee Seaman 2004-2006 NTC Chairperson
Jennifer Peringer 2001-2006  
Mario Uribe 1998-2001  
Eric Avildsen 1994-1997  
Lee Seaman 1994-1996  
Friedemann Schulz 1992-2000  
Bill Burtis 1992  
Lee Seaman 1992  
Eric Avildsen 1989 Northeast Region
John Seaman 1989 Northwest Region
Tom Stinnett 1989 SF Bay Area Region
Christophe Bernard 1989 Southwest Region
Rosemary Sterling 1987-1988  
Lee Seaman 1985-1987 Northwest Region
J-P Marues 1985-1987 Southwest Region
Bill Burtis 1985-1987 Northeast Region