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Shintaido of America is the principle organizing body for all groups within the United States and Canada.

Shintaido is a unique combination of martial arts and body movement that cultivates the spirit along with the mind and body created in Japan in the 1960’s. It has been called a moving meditation. In Japanese, shintaido means “new body way.” Shintaido’s forms exemplify openness and freedom. The movements of shintaido provide a new way of experiencing our relationship with ourselves, others, nature, and the spiritual world.

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International Shintaido Groups:

North America: (Practice Schedule)

     – San Francisco Bay Area: Pacific Shintaido
     – New England: Shintaido North East
     – Eastern Canada: Shintaido Quebec


     – Japan: Shintaido Nabe no Kai
                  : Taimyo Network


     – European Shintaido College
     – Great Britain: British Shintaido
     – France: Shintaïdo France
     – Italy: Shintaido Italia
     – Germany: Shintaido Deutschland e. V.
     – Czech Republic: Shintaido Czech Republic
     – Switzerland: Shintaido of Switzerland