Season One:

Audiobook “Shintaido: The body is a message of the universe” written by Hiroyuki Aoki

Over the course of 14 episodes, part one of this book, first released in an English translation in 1982, will be read aloud by David Franklin, an advanced Shintaido Instructor. Accompanying each episode, when appropriate, will be images from the book as well as related articles of interest. Go to the Podcast Series One page for direct listening and any additional resources.

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Season Two:

Audiobook “Untying Knots: A Shintaido Chronicle “ written by Michael Thompson

Episodes enriched with interviews with long time Shintaido practitioners

Shintaido General Instructor David Franklin reads the personal story of Michael Thompson’s reflections on the ways of understanding and acceptance of oneself that Michael has experienced through Shintaido.

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Go to the Podcast Series Two page for direct listening and any additional resources.

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