Shintaido examinations are held with the rigor and formality that is characteristic of most traditional martial arts: throughout the ceremony, strong concentration and particular attention to etiquette is requested not only from the the examinees, but also from all who are present. More than anything, however, Shintaido examinees are expected to burst into their fullest expression and to give themselves completely to their demonstration. While technical mastery of the forms is essential for promotion, the strong commitment to active expression is a far more important quality that must be demonstrated at any rank.


Examinations generally take place during a Gasshuku or other special event. An examinee has applied for a specific rank and appears before a committee to perform the required techniques, which are called out by the goreisha. The latter directs the procedure of the examination and serves as a facilitator between the examinee and the committee, which usually requires the presence of at least one master instructor or one general instructor, in addition to one or several senior instructors. The committee may ask to see the examinee demonstrate techniques that lie beyond the scope of the requested rank. Exams in several disciplines may be taken consecutively.


OPEN HAND Instructor Two General Instructors
Graduate One General Instructor OR
Two Senior Instructors
Assistant Two Instructors
Advanced Student Two Instructors
KARATE 2nd-dan Two 4th-dan holders
1st-dan Two 3rd-dan holders
1-kyu & below Two 2nd-dan holders
BOJUTSU 2nd-dan Two 4th-dan holders
1st-dan Two 3rd-dan holders
1-kyu & below Two 2nd-dan holders
KENJUTSU ALL RANKS H. F. Ito Sensei or Masashi Minagawa Sensei

Other Resources

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  • The fee structure for the exam process including exam fees and diploma fees are described in Appendix II of the organizational documents.