Member Resources

If you are not yet a Member of Shintaido of America, please see out Membership page for more information.

Assistant and Graduate Applications

These documents are the forms you fill out to apply for the rank of Shintaido Assistant or Shintaido Graduate. You need to complete the appropriate form and submit it to your instructor prior to taking the Assistant or Graduate exam.

Download Application -Assistant (PDF)

Download Application -Graduate (PDF)

Examination Book

Examinations provide an opportunity for Shintaido practitioners to have their practice assessed by several very senior instructors. This manual describes the student examination process and what happens before, during and after the examination. – View the Student Exam Manual here.

SOA Policy Manual

This document contains the guidelines for SOA’s policy regarding membership, fees, the management and logistics of event organization, examination, and nearly all other practical aspects of our community’s organization. Compiled and edited by Eva Thaddeus, August, 2001 – View the Manual Here.


This document contains a wealth of information on organizing and promoting a new Shintaido group. It includes guidelines for publicity, advertising, outreach and other vital facets of creating a local Shintaido practice.

Download Superkata.pdf

Insurance Waiver

Shintaido of America now offers insurance coverage to all students. Instructors and other teachers, please collect signed waivers from people (SoA members or not) who join classes and are practicing regularly.

You may download the waiver from this web site or request printed copies from Connie Borden, (415-695-2888,

Connie is the insurance liaison for SoA with our insurer, Please contact Connie if you have any questions.

Please send signed waivers to:

Connie Borden
426 Day Street
San Francisco, CA 94131

Thank You!

Download InsuranceWaiver.pdf

Risk Management Plan

As part of the liability coverage, our insurance company expects instructors to have a plan to ensure safety of the attendees. This Board-approved risk management plan should be used as a guide when preparing for a keiko or gasshuku.

Download RiskManagementPlan.pdf