Shintaido of America (SoA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1976 to promote the practice of Shintaido in the United States. Shintaido of America’s goals are to increase access to and insure the quality of instruction, to support the development of new groups, and to serve as a resource and forum for the exchange of information. SoA produces educational materials such as texts and videos, and publishes Body Dialogue, a national magazine. It facilitates relations between Shintaido groups in this country and overseas, certifies instructors and teaching assistants, and regulates instructor exchanges and activities.

Becoming a Member

You can now join or renew Shintaido of America membership online!

Shintaido of America Membership

To join SoA by mail, print out our membership form and mail it to SoA with your payment (see address on form).

“Shintaido has a profound effect on both the body and spirituality of its followers. It can bring peace of mind, soul, and body in a chaotic world that is constantly changing.”

Professor Emeritus George Athan Billias
(SoA member, age 97)

Membership Benefits

Shintaido of America is a non-profit organization with no outside sources of funding, and relies largely on volunteer staff and membership contributions for support. Members receive discounts on national and regional workshops and retreats, a membership directory, discounts on selected books and videos, and a subscription to Body Dialogue, the national Shintaido magazine. In addition, only members of SoA may attend special advanced workshops, apply for scholarships, or take certification examinations. SoA membership is the best way for you to stay in touch with the Shintaido network.

FREE for new members: “Origins, A History of Shintaido” is free with your membership if you have not joined SoA before.

As a member, you support:

  • membership projects such as the “Superkata”
  • curriculum and technical development
  • production of new publications and videos
  • continuing education for instructors
  • assistance to fledgling groups
  • international instructor exchange programs
  • administrative support

As a member, you benefit:

  • subscription to Body Dialogue, the Shintaido magazine
  • access to curriculum and technical information
  • directory of Shintaido practitioners nationwide
  • 10% discount on regional workshops / retreats
  • discounts on selected publications and videos
  • attend national events and advanced workshops
  • apply for scholarships for national events
  • take Shintaido certification examinations