The Organization


Shintaido is a system of natural body movement to integrate body, mind, and spirit, build healthy relations with others, and encourage spiritual growth. Shintaido of America (SoA) is a national network of regional and local Shintaido groups to support, encourage, and guide members in their Shintaido practice. SoA also offers advanced training for those who teach Shintaido.


The mission of SoA is to transmit the form and spirit of Shintaido in the United States.

  • SoA encourages the growth of regional and local Shintaido groups.
  • SoA works with the regional organizations to offer examinations, accreditation, advanced training, and peer contact for SoA members.
  • SoA informs Shintaido instructors of new developments at the international and national levels, including changes in curriculum and examination requirements.
  • SoA develops resources for teaching Shintaido, such as books and videos.
  • SoA supports fledgling international groups and provides outreach instruction.

SOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS: current list of SoA Board of Directors

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Appendix I: Organizational Structure.
Appendix II: Financial Structure.
Appendix III: Definitions of Positions within the SoA Membership
               Included here are definitions for: Advanced Student, Assistant, Graduate, and Instructor.