Shintaido of America kicks off season 2 of its podcast and awards Michael Thompson

Shintaido of America kicks off season 2 of its podcast and awards Michael Thompson

Join us for the online ZOOM launch party on February 5, 2023

On February 5, 2023, we will launch season 2 of the Shintaido of America podcast. Because we enjoy Shintaido literature, we will be reading another book. In season 2 of the podcast, we would like to honor Master Instructor in residence and Shintaido of America co-founder Michael Thompsons by reading from his autobiography Untying Knots: The Shintaido Chronicle.

The book is the personal story of Michael Thompson. In a frank and reflective way, he tells of his youth in America and his breakthrough trip to France, where he first encountered Shintaido. The very title “Untying Knots” refers to the Buddhist practice of non-attachment.

It suggests that together with Michael, we will embark on a journey of understanding and acceptance of self and the transformation Michael has experienced through Shintaido.

Lifetime achievement award for Michael Thompson
Michael was first introduced to Shintaido in 1971 in France where he met Aoki sensei in person. Michael eventually traveled to Japan and studied Shintaido with the Rakutenkai group for two years.

In 1976, Michael co-founded the Shintaido of America organization which he lead for four years. In 2004, he became the first non-Japanese Shintaido Master Instructor. In 1996, Michael wrote an autobiographical book, Untying Knots: The Shintaido Chronicle, in which he reflected on his 25 years of international Shintaido experience.

This year, Michael turns 85 and we would like to recognize his work with a lifetime achievement award. We will honor Michael at the start of the launch party, to which we have invited many of his students who are now Shintaido instructors including Bill Burtis, Stephen Billias, Gianni Rossi and many others.

The program of the launch party
🔴 start at 11AM West Coast / 2PM East Coast / 7PM UK / 8PM Europe
🔴 honoring Michael Thompson with a lifetime achievement award
🔴 inviting Michael´s students to reflect on his impact
🔴 introducing season 2 of the Shintaido of America podcast
🔴 toast

How to participate
On February 5, 2023, we will meet online via ZOOM and we would be delighted if you decide to connect and celebrate with us. Join the ZOOM call via this link or write us at

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Listen to season 2 of the Shintaido of America podcast
Season 2 of the podcast is dedicated to the book Untying knots: The Shintaido Chronicle by Michael Thompson read by Shintaido General Instructor David Franklin. Each episode will be followed by an interview. David will talk about Shintaido-related topics with various people who are familiar with our practice.

On February 6, you will find the first episode of season 2 of the Shintaido of America podcast on most of the usual podcast applications.

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If you prefer listening to the podcast via your internet browser, you can listen to season 2 on the Shintaido of America website, our YouTube channel, or directly via Podbean website.

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Buy the book
If you wish to expand your collection of Shintaido books in your library, you can buy Michael´s book in our store. There, you will find other Shintaido publications such as textbooks, anthologies, and booklets.


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