Biwako 2020 International

Biwako 2020 International

Every four years, the international Shintaido community gathers for a gasshuku. Registration is now open for this year’s international, “Biwako 2020” to be held near Kyoto, Japan from November 5-8.

The theme for the event is “和気藹々/Waki ai ai” describes an atmosphere or a situation where a group of people gather and share joy, laughter, happiness and peace with open-hearts, and the vibrations of these conditions spread into wider communities and fill and surround the earth and the universe.

There are many parts to this event:

  • November 5-6th will be the Advanced Workshop
  • November 6th will be the General Membership Meeting
  • November 7th will begin with examinations for Sandan and Yondon
  • November 7-8th will be the General Event with two keiko
  • November 7th will end with a party

If you are do not hold the rankings of Shintaido Graduate or Shodan in one of the other disciplines you may still attend with the recommendation of your instructor who is attending the event! While you will not be able to attend the Advanced Workshop or General Membership Meeting, you will be able to watch the exams and attend the General Event!

Doshu H. F. Ito is the Director of Instruction for this event and you can read his article, “What to expect at Biwako 2020”.

Also Connie Borden has an article on the Biwako website titled, “Reasons to attend an international event.”

Please read more about the event at the official website: which is available in both English and French! Note: the pictures on the website are best viewed on a larger tablet or computer screen.