2020 Membership Letter

2020 Membership Letter


Greetings from the board of Shintaido of America! This year, we are launching many new initiatives, and we would like you to be included!

  • An online forum has been launched to assist graduates and assistants who are thinking about starting classes. The Teachers’ Group will provide support and strategies as you move forward as teachers. Lee Seaman has graciously agreed to mentor the group. New members welcome!
  • The SOA board is exploring branding in an effort to recruit new students. We are working with a marketing/branding professional, and hope to unveil some of the results in the next year. Let’s get growing!
  • Several new scholarships are available to subsidize participation in cross-regional and international events. Your membership makes you eligible to apply!

In addition, Shintaido of America (SOA) supports our community of practitioners by providing:

  1. Shintaido of America Website (www.shintaido.org)
  2. Body Dialogue articles; now in real time as postings on the website
  3. Liability Insurance for instructors and students – so you and your students are covered wherever you practice
  4. Curriculum development
  5. Support to our instructors and the National Technical Committee
  6. Communication with International Shintaido Project (ISP) and national Shintaido groups
  7. SOA examinations and SOA Diplomas

Membership fees are $60 for all supporters. The SOA Board of Directors hopes you will take this moment to join SOA. The financial year for SOA goes from 1 January to 31 December and this year we are doing our membership drive in March to bring our financial year and membership into a closer match. For all of the benefits listed above, your annual membership works out to only $5 a month, or 16 cents a day! We hope you’ll consider supporting the future of our beautiful art form.

Electronic payment can easily be made at http://shintaido.org/docs/membership.htm

Alternately, a check for $60 payable to SOA can be mailed to:

Shintaido of America
18 Washington St, #115
Canton, MA 02021


Connie Borden, Chair SOA Board of Directors
Shin Aoki, Chair SOA NTC
Brad Larson, Treasurer
Nancy Billias
David Franklin
Herve Hofstetter
Michael Thompson
H. F. Ito

“I feel deeply grateful for Shintaido. The practice itself has revealed much and continues to be a great source of learning. There is no doubt that the community of practitioners and teachers bring the teachings to life. The power of Shintaido appears to be realized most fully in the relationships we hold. SOA is a hub that keeps this wheel of practice and relationship turning.”

David Sirgany, Graduate, Karate Shodan, PacShin

“I turn to Shintaido some days for exercise, some days for concentration, and some days just to light the fire. SOA membership provides the spark.”

Mark Bannon, Graduate, Kenjutsu Shodan, Shintaido Northeast

“As members of the SOA, the Quebec Shintaido Doshokai (QSD) applied for a grant to hold a summer gasshuku on the Gaspé Peninsula on the east coast of Quebec. Our request was accepted! This gave us a good financial support, which provided a safety cushion for the first big Shintaido event in Gaspesie. This event was successful at all levels and we were able to use the financial success to move forward with further events in Quebec!”

Carole Brouillard, Graduate, Kenjutsu Shodan, Organizer of Shintaido in Quebec