New Shintaido Video!

Stephen Billias, Shintaido of America President, sent in the following announcement.

Shintaido Practitioners:

Greetings! This is to announce that the short Shintaido video shot last October at the Shintaido Northeast Fall Gasshuku is complete and is on-line.

You can watch and download the video (Quicktime) at this link:

Soon the video will also be on YouTube and on, and it will be possible to embed it on other websites. There will also be versions you can download to your iPhone or other mobile devices.

On behalf of the SOA Board of Directors, I would like to thank the SOA members who provided valuable feedback that was essential in making this final version. This truly was a community effort.

During the feedback sessions at the Pacific Shintaido Kangeiko and Shintaido Northeast Kangeiko, many of you offered excellent suggestions about how to share this video with the world. Now we can start putting those suggestions into action together. If you have specific ideas, we hope you’ll step forward and help make them happen.

We are in the process of registering this video with Wiki Commons as open source media, free for anyone to show, duplicate, share, embed on websites, etc. (as long as they aren’t making money from it).

If you have access to other websites where it would be appropriate to link to it or embed it, please feel free to do so.

Please contact me if you have ideas for where this video might be shown. Perhaps it could be entered in film festivals, or distributed to other communities you might be a part of. Any creative ideas for expanding the viewing of this video are welcome.

Many thanks to David Franklin, who edited the video. Also thanks to Rob Kedoin and Bill Burtis, who provided subcommittee guidance during and after the filming, and to videographer Carlyn Saltman, and to the many people who appeared in the film, including Shin Aoki, Joe Zawielski, Gianni Rossi, Bela Breslau, Anne-Marie Grandtner, Deb Zawielski, Margaret Guay, and others.

Best to all,

Stephen Billias
for Shintaido of America

UPDATE 8/24/2009: The video is now available online at Vimeo!

UPDATE 8/30/2009: The video is now available online at YouTube!