Old Newsletters Now Online

Heather Kuhn sent in PDF’s of seven old issues of Shintaido of America newsletters. These have now been added to the Body Dialogue archives.

Thank you very much, Heather!

The earliest issue is the Winter 1986 newsletter which contains the following articles:

  • Shintaido Survey: Columbus Day Gasshuku 1985 by Jim Cumming
  • First there is a mountain, Then no mountain, Then there is by Annelie Wilde
  • Zen Story by Michelle Grenier
  • Back to the Future by Michael Thompson
  • Local News by numerous authors around the US
  • The Meaning of White by H. F. Ito

Next is the Summer 1989 edition with the following articles:

  • How Does Attacking Help? by Lee Ordeman and David Franklin
  • National Gasshuku Update
  • Learning, Understanding, Transmitting: an interview with Robert Breant translated by Laurence Mourey
  • Around the Country
  • Bernard De Crest – A Bientot by H. F. Ito

The Winter 1989 edition contains:

  • The Mission of Shintaido by Michael Thompson
  • 1989 Summer Gasshuku
  • Giving Thanks at Goleta by Sandra Bengsston
  • Cutting Into the New Year by Lou Meyer
  • Surfing Shintaido, a Real Life Wakame by Leslie Goldberg
  • Johnny Shintaido
  • Ito’s New Year Message by H. F. Ito

The Spring 1991 edition contains:

  • Education as Sacred Initiation by Jean-Rémi DeLéage
  • October 1990 Gasshuku by Eva Thaddeus
  • Letters
  • Exam Results
  • Make a Travel Case for your Bo or Bokutoh by Michael Buckley

The Body Dialogue #3 (1994) contains:

  • Farmers with Guts, Warriors with Roots by Faith Insgulsrud
  • Facing Death by H. F. Ito
  • Circles Around the "Parliament of the World’s Religions" by Friedemann Schulz
  • In the Space between Life & Art by Michael Thompson
  • The Power of Plants: The Roots of Well-Being
  • Return of the Wanderer by Annelie Wilde
  • Thanks and Other Notes

The Body Dialogue #4 (1995) contains:

  • Horse of the North, Ship of the South – A Talk with Mr. Hiroyuki Aoki, the Founder of Shintaido interpreted by Lee Seaman and Shin Aoki
  • Facing Death by H. F. Ito
  • "It’s Kind of Hard to Describe" by James R. Sterling
  • To The Members of Shintaido of America
  • As Soon as We Are Born by Michael Thompson
  • What You See is What You Get by Bill Burtis
  • Some Cross-Cultural Observations by Hiroyuki Aoki, translated by Lee Seaman

The Body Dialogue #5 (1996) contains:

  • Shintaido of America’s 20th Anniversary by Kazu Shibao
  • …and the United Nations’ 50th by Roby Newman
  • No Bones About It by Friedemann Schulz
  • "Superkata" a how-to manual for instructors by David Franklin
  • Research, Development, and the Core by H. F. Ito
  • "That’s it – I QUIT!" by Christine Conran
  • Don’t Know Much ’bout Philosphy by Michael Thompson