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European Shintaido College 2019

November 1, 2019 - November 3, 2019

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The European Shintaido College is having their 2019 gathering November 1-3 in Reims, France. The event is open to practitioners of all levels. The cost is 250 €.

You can save 30 € if you register by July 31!

Here is the welcome message from the website written by the Director of Instruction, Ula Chambers:

The wide field and the inner world of Shintaido.

Many years ago I was deeply impressed when reading in the Shintaido book “The body is a message of the universe”, that Shintaido can be a transformational practice for people of all ages and abilities. “Simply try it and continue as long as possible – you will experience the invigorating power of Shintaido; you will feel a new force and energy rising inside you. You will discover a wealth of untapped talent and begin to develop your full range of potential and ability.” YES! I had found a treasure!

Stepping into the dojo and beginning this lifelong keiko journey, has lead me to explore a wide field of Shintaido practice. I have been able to discover and rediscover the essence of Shintaido in different types of keiko as my body and the world around me has changed.

The realisation that the deep inner world of Shintaido is common to all of our practice, enables us to enjoy equally all the various paths and practices that Shintaido has to offer, whatever our stage of development. We studied this together in Tirrenia. Now, we can confidently take the essence and benefits of Shintaido and share them in simple ways inside and outside the dojo.

During the November event in Reims, I invite you to discover for yourselves the vastness of the Shintaido field and the depth of this inner world: find out how familiar Shintaido techniques can be presented in ways to enable people of different abilities to practice sincerely together; how listening deeply to our bodies can enhance our own personal practice and meet the needs of a changing body condition or environment. We will study the essence and deep philosophy of Shintaido in unexpected ways so that you can share Shintaido with your friends, family and co-workers; with younger or older people adapted to their ability and understanding.

A group of instructors, who have been working to develop alternative approaches to Shintaido will share the first fruits of their research with attendees. Come prepared to have your horizons expanded, to look far and feel deeply and to carry the treasure box of Shintaido into the dojo which is the world.

Ula Chambers


Début :
November 1, 2019
Fin :
November 3, 2019
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Jean-Louis de Gandt
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Route de Bezannes, 51100 Reims, France
Reims, Grand Est 51100 France
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