European Shintaido College 2019 in Reims, France November 1-3

European Shintaido College 2019 in Reims, France November 1-3

The European Shintaido College will be holding their annual event November 1-3 in Reims, France.

Their website contains information about the location, schedule, fees & registration, exams, transportation, and local tourism.

The cost for the three-day event is 250 €. But, if you register before the end of July, it is only 220 €!

Ula Chambers, from the United Kingdom, is the Director of Instruction from the event. Here is an excerpt from her, “Welcome message” from their home page:

During the November event in Reims, I invite you to discover for yourselves the vastness of the Shintaido field and the depth of this inner world: find out how familiar Shintaido techniques can be presented in ways to enable people of different abilities to practice sincerely together; how listening deeply to our bodies can enhance our own personal practice and meet the needs of a changing body condition or environment. We will study the essence and deep philosophy of Shintaido in unexpected ways so that you can share Shintaido with your friends, family and co-workers; with younger or older people adapted to their ability and understanding.

If you have questions about the event, please check their contact page to choose the proper person to contact.

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