International Shintaido Project 2020

November 4, 2020 – November 8, 2020 all-day
Kansai International Airport (KIX)
1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture 549-0001

The International Shintaido Project (ISP) is pleased to announce the 2020 quadrennial international gasshuku will be held near Kansai, Japan and Lake Biwa.

Biwako 2020 international gasshuku
Theme: “和気藹々/Waki Aiai”.

和気藹々/Waki Aiai describes an atmosphere or a situation where a group of people gather and share joy, laughter, happiness and peace with open-hearts, and its vibrations spread into wider communities, fill and surround the earth and the universe.

和気/Waki literally means “energy of peace and harmony”, and “藹々/Aiai” describes trees and plants growing and spreading their leaves vibrantly. The word also implies the importance of “co-existence” and “inter-dependency”,not only amongst humans but also with animals, plants and the nature.

和気藹々/Waki Aiai reminds us of Fig. 9 of the famous picture “Jyugyuzu” (Ten Ox-herder Pictures].

The word “Ai” itself is a powerful “KOTODAMA/Word’s Spirit” in Japanese, which means Love, Encounter, Communion, Inter-dependence, Indigo, etc.… If you just make the sound “Ai Ai Ya-!”, you would naturally feel happier, lighter and open in spirit!

Wednesday, November 4th will be for the ITEC and ISP Board to arrive

Thursday, November 5th the ITEC and ISP Board will have keiko and meetings. Participants will arrive

Friday, November 6th will have exams in morning, an afternoon opening ceremony and keiko. In the evening there will be a general membership meeting.

Saturday, November 7th there will be a keiko in the morning and afternoon followed by a party in the evening.

Sunday, November 8th there will be a morning keiko and all will depart after lunch.

3 thoughts on “International Shintaido Project 2020

  1. Susan Lacroix

    I cannot see anywhere how to register, and googling I cannot find a form on the european sites either. Please could you point me in the right direction? Thank you very much for your help!

  2. Robert Kedoin

    Hi Susan! I have not heard an announcement about the website for Biwako 2020. I do not know any way to register yet. The best source of information about the International that I know of are the last two International Shintaido Newsletters from October:

    and July:

    I hope that helps some!
    – Rob

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