“Connections in Nature” workshop – save the date!

“Connections in Nature” workshop – save the date!

For all Shintaido practitioners and especially those interested in bojutsu practice.

We will be hosting a workshop in San Francisco, from July 29th through July 31st.  

The theme is ” Connections in Nature” 

It will be a weekend event with two keiko each day on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st . 

Also, we will hold an advanced collegial keiko for Ni dan and above, Friday morning, July 29th.

Our theme “Connections in Nature” encourages us to  expand beyond ourselves with our boh. We want to explore and become connected to the people, space, and nature around us as we move together.

Date/times-July 29th -31st, 2022
Morning keiko will be held at Golden gate Park baseball diamonds and afternoon keiko will be at Ocean Beach.
Cost: is $150 US
Scholarships available through Shintaido of America. Contact Connie Borden at bordensheets@aol.com for more info.

Senior Instructor and Yon-dan in Bojutsu, Shin Aoki,  
Senior Instructor and San-dan in bojutsu, Robert Gaston,
and our special guest from Great Britian Charles Burns, General Instructor  and San-dan in Bojutsu.

Please RSVP Robert Gaston
(415) 306-6100