2021 International Advanced Examinations results

2021 International Advanced Examinations results

This summer of 2021 introduced the opportunity for Shintaido practitioners to take high level exams. Given the COVID pandemic, in-person exams during an international gasshuku were not possible. International Technical and Examination Committee (ITEC) worked with two of the doshu, HF Ito and Masashi Minagawa, to offer video/ZOOM exams. These exams had two parts: a video performance and then participating in a ZOOM Masterclass exam (ZME). For SOA, the video filming was done in the Bay Area on 6 June and on the east coast on the 18/19 of June. The ZME was held 8 August in the Bay Area

Congratulations to the following people who successfully passed their examinations!

Shintaido Kenjutsu:   3-Dan
Lee Ordeman

Shintaido Kenjutsu:   4-Dan
Connie Borden
Shin Aoki
Robert Gaston

Shintaido Senior Instructor
Lee Ordeman

Watch the video of the Zoom Master Class on YouTube below and for more details take a look here.

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