The Joe Zawielski Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Joe Zawielski Memorial Scholarship Fund

The SOA board of directors is pleased to announce that Shintaido of America has received an anonymous donation in the memory of Joe Zawielski, General Instructor of Shintaido. This donation is specific in supporting SOA members who are Graduate/Shodan and above in attending international events to further their knowledge of Shintaido and teaching of Shintaido. This generous donation will total $5000 over these next five years from 2019 to 2023.

Japan 2020 will be the first international that is available through this memorial scholarship fund to provide scholarships. There will be 4 scholarships giving $500 for each selected individual.

SOA members who are Graduate/Shodan and above can apply and applications will be available 1 January 2020. Selections will be made by the SOA Board of Directors. Should SOA Board members apply, these individuals will not be eligible to make the selections. The results will be announced by 30 June 2020. This is intended to allow enough time for the selected individuals to complete their plans to attend the November 2020 international event.

The application will request the individual to summarize their Shintaido activities and then state how attending the international in 2020 will enhance their teaching of Shintaido. One expectation is for the selected individuals to share a written report, or a video/photo report on sharing their learning from the international 2020.

The SOA Board is grateful to our benefactor and is excited to offer this scholarship for 2020! Future plans are for 6 scholarships to be available for 2024.

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