International Shintaido Project December Newsletter

International Shintaido Project December Newsletter

The International Shintaido Project (ISP) is the international organization for Shintaido practitioners who have reached the rank of Shintaido Graduate or Shodan in any discipline.

There are many items in the most recent newsletter that people may be interested in:

  • In February 2019 the first General Membership Meeting will take place as an online meeting. At this meeting the new Board members will be elected. The ISP is seeking, “two members from North America to ensure a balanced representation of all regions”. If you are interested in running for a Board position, please contact Jean-Louis De Gandt at
  • A new website is being created for the organization and they need graphic designers and people with WordPress experience. To help, please contacrt Pierre Quettier at
  • ISP is also looking for article writers, editors and translators. To help, please contact Lee Ordeman at
  • The 2020 International Gasshuku will take place in Kansai region of Japan near Lake Biwa and will be organized by Soichiro Iida.

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