“Shintaido Means New Body Way” video now with French and Czech subtitles!

The Shintaido of America video, “Shintaido Means New Body Way” can now be viewed with French or Czech subtitles.

Thanks to the dotSUB.com website, this work was able to be done by people in very different locations. The original English transcription was done by Robert Kedoin in New Jersey, USA. Then, David Franklin from Pilsen, Czech Republic completed the Czech subtitles. And today, Anne-Marie Grandtner from Quebec, Canada has completed the French subtitles.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute translations and work on them at their leisure. Anne-Marie said, “the software is very easy to use” and described the translation process as a, “three phase process: translation, integration and reorganization”. Anyone with questions about using dotSub to create a translation should feel free to contact Robert Kedoin at robert@kedoin.com.

You can watch the video with your choice of subtitles here: