Shintaido Encyclopedia Experiment

I would like to invite you to participate in an experiment to create a multilingual, online, Shintaido encyclopedia.
A few weeks ago, I was inspired by a note David Franklin made on the European Shintaido College weblog where he presented his idea for a Shintaido Lexicon. I was very excited by David’s idea and I thought it might become more powerful if we could have something similar to the free, online, encyclopedia Wikipedia.
Shintaido of America has allowed me to install the Wikipedia software on the Shintaido of America website and I would encourage people to login and experiment with the system by writing new entries or editing existing entries. Please do whatever you feel is necessary to decide whether or not the system might be useful for you.
One of the easiest ways to get started is to look at a few English definitions such as, Ageoroshi and Boh. Once there, you can click on links in the lower left corner to see the same definition in Czech, French, or Japanese.
As you get familiar with the system, you may want to visit the “Main Page” by clicking it’s link on the left side. You can also read more about the current system in my proposal.
These experimental wiki’s will remain running until March 1, 2006. By that time I hope that people in the global Shintaido community will be able to decide if they want to have a Shintaido encyclopedia and how best to support it.
If you have any questions or comments:

I look forward to seeing how this works out!
Robert Kedoin
Shintaido of America Webmaster