The Second European Shintaido College Meeting

Christine Gov sent the following information regarding the 2nd Shintaido College Meeting which will be taking place near Toulouse, France at the end of October. Instructors from the US may attend.

Hello everybody
Back from holiday, we are full of energy and enthusiasm for the organisation of the 2nd ESC meeting of October 29 to 31st, 2005.
We hope that you have all received the brochure and registration form. If not, you may download it at the following address:
A blog has been created for the activities’ offers and requests at the following address:
You will be able to add your own offers/requests to the it once you have registered for the ESC meeting and been given a password.
Please send us your registration form and deposit cheque by mail (before September 15 if you wish to benefit from the reduced 140 euros rate) at the following address: Association Shintaido Midi-Pyrénées, 123 rue des arcs St Cyprien, 31300 Toulouse, France.
Thank you to all the persons who help us organise the event. If you would like to help us for the various tasks to be performed during the ESC Meeting (tea room, sensei care, exams…), please contact:
Following some requests, we will hold an exam session, after the ESC Meeting, on Monday, October 31 at 3 pm for the kyu levels (Shintaido & Bojutsu). Masashi Minagawa sensei will also lead a workshop (open to all) on Tuesday November 1. If you’re interested, please contact Christine Gov as soon as possible:
Sunshine and kisses from Toulouse