Introducing “Retying Knots”

Master Michael Thompson has begun his own weblog entitled, “Retying Knots” at:

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One thought on “Introducing “Retying Knots”

  1. Matthew Shorten

    I don’t believe either fundamentalist dogma nor science are sufficient guides for life in the 21st century. Along with reason and compassion, I think we need to struggle for ideals like peace and justice in the world. Muslim extremists don’t hate us for our freedom or beliefs, although they certainly disagree with some. They have chosen terrorism as a feasible weapon against What we DO (eg. support corrupt tyrants and occupy Holy Land), more than who we are.Until some wrongs(at least in their view)are righted, their fight for justice will continue.
    Theologically, my faith informs my belief that revelation did not cease when the Bible or Koran were written, but that it continues to unfold. Perhaps we can continue to have a relationship with a living God, who might enlighten our lives in many, unlikely, myriad ways. And so, I am wary of any leader who claims to have “the truth” based on 1 source of information.
    Matt Shorten