Photos from Pacific Shintaido Kangeiko 2005

The first batch of photos from Pacific Shintiado Kangeiko 2005 have been posted.
If you have photos you would like to see added to the web, please send them to
Please note: When you visit the main gallery page, you can no longer see the album for Pacific Shintaido’s 2004 Kangeiko. However, they are still there – you just need to click to the second page of albums by clicking on the “2” in the top center of the page.
Update: 1/22/05 – Added photos from Shin Aoki and Naomi Caspe
Update: 1/25/05 – Added photos from Toshimitsu Ishii, David Franklin, and Friedemann Schulz
Update: 2/04/05 – Added 53 new photos from Luis Kong!

2 thoughts on “Photos from Pacific Shintaido Kangeiko 2005

  1. Naomi

    What an incredible documentation! It is so beautiful.
    The movie of Kankeigo is fantastic. I can only view it however in a very small window large format and it
    becomes very distorted. Any suggestion on how to view it better?
    I would love to be able to purchase this and the other photos in a CD format
    is that at all possible.?
    Thank you to all the media folks who gave us this special gift .

  2. Robert Kedoin

    There isn’t any great solution to viewing the movie larger. Luis and I had to make some compromises to make the movie a reasonable size for downloading. One trick you could try is to change the resolution of your monitor to a lower setting before viewing the movie. (e.g, if your display is set to 1024×768, change it to 640×480 before viewing the movie)
    Luis Kong is the author of the movie and if you contact him you may be able to make arrangements for a DVD or other higher resolution production of his beautiful movie.
    No one has asked to purchase the photos on a CD before, so I’m not sure what the best way to handle that would be.