Thanks to Hana Restaurant

Hana, the Japanese restaurant at 5th and Irving in the Inner Sunset is moving at the end of this month.
Last Kangeiko, we gathered afterwards at Hana Restaurant to celebrate the warmth and wisdom of Okada Sensei?s instruction. And to party together in San Francisco. And to share the hospitality of the Hana staff. There have been many Shintaido celebrations at Hana?s over the decades, many meals with Ito, many meals with family and with friends and with visitors, many delicious meals served with warm welcomes from Mr. and Mrs. Mura and their staff.
The kindness of the Hana Restaurant staff is legendary to me. I am now calling for Shintaido-affiliated folk who’ve ever enjoyed Hana’s to send greetings to accompany Ito’s calligraphic offerings to Mrs. Mura, Seiko and Kuniuko.
Ito has three paintings of calligraphy, which he intends to present to Mrs. Mura, Seiko and Kuniuko on the last Monday. We would like to add the greetings of all the Shintaido people as part of this presentation. Please contact anyone you think wants to be included.
Please email me your message to the Hana staff. I will collect them and attach the sheets to Ito?s works.
My email address is
Telephone: 415/826-0243
Address: 3801 21st Street
San Francisco CA 94114
Thank you,
Barbara Barnard