Shintaido on BBC3

The BBC is airing a program this month on their BBC3 channel entitled, Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves The program covers many different martial arts and according to the episode guide, the Shintaido segment is in Episode 7 airing on August 30. The episode summary says:

A Glasgow fairground wheel makes Chris Crudelli find his balance and cab drivers in Cardiff reap the benefits. Meanwhile, in Japan, Master Tanaka and his daughter excel in the art of the sword. Chopping down arrows in mid flight can only be done ‘when you and the sword are one.’ The same intuitive relationship allows Master Presas in the Philippines to stick fight whilst blind-folded. The power of intuition and developing a sixth sense is what drives the acolytes of Master Aoki in Japan to stand under a freezing cold waterfall. Chris can’t resist joining them for a cold shower and attempts to improve his pre-emptive talents into the bargain.

In making the show, the BBC visited Japan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, and the Phillipines. For each country they have a page describing the Masters they visited there which provides some interesting overviews of various martial arts. The Masters page for Japan has links back to our website for the Shintaido story and Aoki Sensei’s background!

5 thoughts on “Shintaido on BBC3

  1. Connie Borden

    THis is wonderful news! I hope we can get a video of the show. Neither BBC channel we get on on our cable network has this listed. If someone finds gets a video – let us know!

  2. Robert Kedoin

    Ishii sent me mail saying he sent the info to the Japanese Shintaido mailing list.
    He also said the episode was shot back in November, 2003.

  3. Ryan

    i have just seen the show and found shintaido quite interesting, if anyone missed it, they do repeat the programs

  4. les

    I have just watched the bbc3 episode and it is truly mindboggling….it seems standing under a freezing waterfall for over five minutes teaches us some spiritual awareness…….I have recently watched a video in scotland on a similar scale and I found it fascinating…..although I am not into martial arts yet I am treading the path of spiritual awarenes….and it is good to see the energies are there for me to see…….Les