Letter From Body Dialogue Editor

To the SoA community:
I want to introduce myself as one of the two new co-editors of Body Dialogue, with Stephen Billias.  
I have been a Shintaido practitioner since February 1991.   I am filling some big shoes from Eva Thaddeus and David Franklin.  Thanks to both of them for their many years of service in the production of Body Dialogue!
Please email (or snail mail) articles to me as the primary person responsible for copy editing of material.
We are hoping to bring out the next issue of Body Dialogue in November, and want to feature the recent gasshuku in Japan.  I welcome articles on your experience: what did you gain from the gasshuku, what were some of the highlights, did you have any satori?  
Also, Jim Sterling has asked his class a question I would pose to all of you: `what does the dojo mean to you?’  We practice in many different spaces, and how we use and work with that space impacts our keiko and kumite.  Please give it some thought and see what percolates.  This article might take the form of a dialogue or exchange among practitioners.
I look forward to working with you all.
Roby Newman