January 18, 2006

Pacific Shintaido Kangeiko Exam Results

On January 15, 2006, exams were offered atPacific Shintaido's Kangeiko. Examiners were Ito Sensei and Jim Sterling Sensei.

Shintaido examinations provide an opportunity for assessment of our practice by several very senior instructors. Exams are rigorous and challenging, and it is quite common for a practitioner to repeat the same exam several times before advancing to the next level.

We celebrate the commitment and courage of all examinees, who spend long hours in preparation and then demonstrate their form in front of the examiners and the audience.


Michael DiPietroShodan
Byron RussellShodan


Gorazd Drozina5 kyu
Byron Russell1 kyu

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January 03, 2006

Upcoming British Shintaido Events

Event information for the British Shintaido Daienshu 2006 and the European Shintaido College(ESC): Forum 2006 to be held in England have been added to the events page.

At the Daienshu 2006, in May, British Shintaido is planning on hosting Okada Sensei from Japan. The full cost for the event is 235 (~ $406) and they are offering an early registration fee of 210 (~ $362) if you register by March 26, 2006. The application is avaliable for download.

The ESC event is for practitioners with ranks of Assistant and above. The full cost is 120 (~ $208) and they are offering an early registration fee of 90 (~ $156) if you register by May 1, 2006.

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