Shintaido, Past, Present and Future

Shintaido, Past, Present and Future

by Peter Furtado

This is a publication of British Shintaido. It was the first inaugural lecture, given by Peter Furtado in January 2021, about the Rakuntenkai group who developed Shintaido with Aoki Sensei in the 1960s, and the importance of their mission to the world today.

Peter is a long-time teacher and practitioner of Shintaido and a celebrated British historian. He traces the evolution of Shintaido over 60 years starting with its roots in Japan and eventual adoption in Europe and the United States. He incorporates in his talk many treasured videos and photographs from the Rakutenkai days.

After the lecture is over, Peter answers questions from the audience.
I hope you enjoy it!

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