Celebration of Life for Brad Larson – 10 December via ZOOM

Celebration of Life for Brad Larson – 10 December via ZOOM

Shintaido of America is hosting a celebration of life for Brad Larson on 10 December 2023 via ZOOM.

Brad died unexpectedly at home on November 2 nd at the age of 62, a victim of an apparent homicide. As our community has experienced shock and grief, we hope for an opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate Brad and his life.

Brad began his Shintaido studies in 1987, in Cambridge, Ma. He initially studied with Michael Thompson, Master Instructor, and then furthered his studies for many years with Joe Zawielski, General Instructor in Worcester, Ma. There he was an integral part of the weekly Worcester area group, developing strong and deep connections within this group and the larger SNE community.

Over his 36 years of studying Shintaido, Brad’s love of the weapons (boh, bokutoh, jo, and bokken) was always shining through. He traveled to many workshops and gasshukus at the Shintaido Farm and around New England, and more broadly up to Quebec and California to study with Master Ito Sensei. He also spent many hours studying and crafting bohs, jo and bokutoh which he freely shared. At his home, Brad was frequently seen with his sticks, reflecting his love and joy of movement with them. He particularly loved running up Rattlesnake Hill, Shintaido boh in hand and had become a recognizable fixture in the fabric of the neighborhood.

As well as achieving the rank of Shintaido Instructor, he was also ranked Shodan in Kenjutsu (sword). He served many years on the Board of Shintaido NorthEast along with serving as Treasurer for Shintaido of America.

Brad was born October 23, 1961, in Mitchell, South Dakota and was living most recently in Sharon, Massachusetts. Brad received his Master’s Degree from Harvard University and began his career in Museum exhibit development at the Children’s Museum in Boston. He was widely appreciated in his field for the creation of ‘Story Habitat’, a means to help organizations record and save memories.

Brad has a teenage son, Lucas Jasper Sincero Larson. He is mourned by his family, parents Merle and Virginia Larson, sisters Julie Larson Mudry and Jill Larson plus nieces, aunts, uncles, and cousins. He was involved with Biodanza, drumming, and was past president of the Sharon Historical society. He frequently wrote Haikus and added beautiful photos of nature.

Please join us on Sunday, 10 December via Zoom.
Times: 9am West Coast, 12noon East Coast, 5pm UK and 6pm Europe.

Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88106857972?pwd=5daO4rkPqdIabBqaNvW4UeeNEN5G42.1

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