Become a member of Shintaido of America!

Become a member of Shintaido of America!


Greetings from the board of Shintaido of America! It’s time for our annual membership drive. Last year we DOUBLED our membership – can we do that again this year?

Like everyone else, we are slowly getting back to practicing in person, with live people, sometimes in masks, sometimes not touching. Shintaido North East just had its in-person kangeiko (just a little late…). The theme was “connection”, and we revelled in the opportunity to be together again at last.

  • Connie Borden, Rob Gaston, and Sandra Bengtsson co-teach a weekly Sunday ZOOM class from 9am to 10am Pacific Time. Everyone is welcome to join. Many of these classes are available on the Shintaido of America YouTube channel.
  • Shintaido North East hosts an online keiko every Saturday from 12.30 – 1.30 EST. A different instructor leads each time. For more information, please contact Brad at
  • PACSHIN hosted Kangeiko 2022 as an online event again. Very pro!
  • Ito-sensei teaches regularly on Zoom from his home in France.
  • The audiobook of Aoki Sensei’s Shintaido textbook was launched at an online Zoom party on January 4. Narrated by general instructor David Franklin, it is available on the Shintaido of America YouTube channel, as a podcast and via the Shintaido of America website. Join a monthly podcast discussion group on the last Tuesday of the month. Contact Connie Borden.
  • Several new scholarships are available to subsidize participation in cross-regional and international events. Your membership makes you eligible to apply! Contact Connie Borden –

In addition, Shintaido of America supports our community of practitioners by providing:

  1. Shintaido of America Website ( Check it out! New things are happening all the time! We now feature a media page that includes our newsletter, YouTube and Podcast links.
  2. Body Dialogue is now completely digital and appears in real-time as postings on the website.
  3. Shintaido of America YouTube Channel: New videos every few weeks.
  4. Shintaido of America podcast
  5. Liability Insurance for instructors and students – so you and your students are covered no matter where you practice. This is available to you at no cost.
  6. Curriculum development is ongoing, especially the Kenjutsu curriculum.
  7. Support to our instructors and the National Technical Committee
  8. Communication with International Shintaido Technical and Exam Committee (ITEC)
  9. Leadership by Shintaido of America and ESC as the organizing and sponsoring organizations for international activities.
  10. Shintaido of America examinations and Shintaido of America Diplomas

Membership fees are still only $60 for all supporters. We have kept the same membership level for several years. For ALL of the benefits listed above, your annual membership works out to only $5 a month, or 16 cents a day!

Electronic payment can easily be made here.

Alternately, a check for $60 payable to SOA can be mailed to:
Shintaido of America,
18 Washington St, #115,
Canton, MA 02021

Connie Borden, Chair Shintaido of America Board of Directors
Shin Aoki, Chair Shintaido of America NTC
Brad Larson, Treasurer
Nancy Billias
David Franklin
Herve Hofstetter
Michael Thompson
H. F. Ito

Here are a couple of comments from new members, one from the East Coast, one from the West:

« The teachers and Sensei of Shintaido are exceptional beings of love, precision, non-judgment and discipline. I get to a place of stillness and peace at the end of my practicing the art of Shintaido that I cannot achieve any other way. »

– Laura Sheehan Barron (San Francisco)

“My introduction to this practice was several years ago at the Day Street dojo in San Francisco, where I was introduced to Taimyo. Because of the pandemic for the last two years, using Zoom, I have taken advantage of being able to practice Shintaido more often. To be able to experience a gasshuku [in person was exciting.]I was apprehensive about the weekend, but not long after walking through the door into the dojo space I could feel the energy. That energy kept growing throughout the day. Not having the years of practice that most of you have had, I enjoyed the instruction and corrections that I was given. I cannot remember if I have ever felt that a potluck dinner was as tasty as what I had that evening. Thank you all for making me feel welcome and sharing your energy.”

– John Bevis (Martha’s Vineyard)