From President Connie Borden

From President Connie Borden

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the SOA Board for September 2019 -2021:

Nancy Billias, elected voting member – Membership coordinator
Connie Borden, elected voting member – SOA board chair/SOA President
David Franklin, elected voting member
Hervé Hofstetter, electing voting member – Mail list/MailChimp coordinator
Brad Larson, elected voting member – SOA Treasurer

H. F. Ito, lifetime member
Michael Thompson, lifetime member

The Officers of the Board are:

Shin Aoki, NTC Chairperson
Stephen Billias, Editor Body Dialogue
Chris Ikeda-Nash, Financial Officer
Robert Kedoin, Webmaster

Welcome to 13 new members for 2019:

Denis, Bill, Dan, Antigone, John, Bruno, Sally, Andrew, Gorazd, Pam, Gail, Ann and Judy.

They join our total membership of 50 paid SOA members. Thirty-one of our SOA members are also members of International Shintaido (Project) as they hold the rank of Graduate/Shodan and above.