Shintaido on YouTube

Shintaido on YouTube

« Shintaido New Body Way »- October, 2008

The video was produced by our Shintaido North East group, October, 2008.

This features keiko taught by Shin Aoki sensei. It includes various Shintaido movements, historical footage and interviews with instructors and practitioners who describe the qualities of joy and transformation inherent in the practice of Shintaido.

« Shintaido – Tenshingoso » – August 2009

Tenshingoso is one of the fundamental kata of Shintaido Enjoy this video of Gianni Rossi Sensei demonstrating Tenshingoso Dai.

« Ito Sensei – Diamond Eight Cut with Naked Blade » – December 2016

Here is Ito Sensei showing diamond eight cut with the naked blade. Filmed at Seminar de Shintaido Brasov, December, 2016