David Franklin and Anne Harley Workshop, April 28th in Pilsen

Postcard for the David Franklin and Ann Harley workshop,

David Franklin and Anne Harley will be teaching a workshop titled, « Experimental voice and Shintaido movement art » in Pilsen, Czech Republic on April 28th. The cost for the 8-hour workshop is only 1000 CZK (~ US$50).

Every time we breathe, we move. Every time we move, we make sound. During this workshop, we will have a chance to explore, learn how to unlock the deep connections between voice, breathing, and movement with two internationally-known expert teachers, Anne Harley and David Franklin. Drawing on vocal methods from classical singing, experimental voice methods such as Fitzmaurice and Roy Hart technique, and breathing and movement techniques from Shintaido, Tai Chi, and Karate, Anne and David use games, theatrical training methods, and ancient meditation techniques, to help you expand your awareness of your voice, breathing, and movement. Bringing your voice, breathing, and movement into harmony has significant benefits for everyday life such as health and a positive outlook. It is also invaluable for anyone working in a field where movement or vocal expression is important, such as actors, dancers, masseurs, or martial artists.

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