September 2013 Body Dialogue Now Online

The September issue of Body Dialogue is now available online. Articles in this issue are:

  • Christophe Bernard by Friedemann Schulz
  • Walk right in, set right down by Chris Ikeda-Nash
  • while reading 13 impromptu poems by Chris Ikeda-Nash
  • Remembering Christophe by Eva Thaddeus
  • Song-Rou, Xu-Kong, Yuan-Man
  • From Jim Sterling
  • We found (for Christophe Bernard) by Chris Ikeda-Nash
  • life haiku by Stephen Billias
  • Five Stages of Shintaido Development
  • Memories of Christophe Bernard by Shin Aoki

For those interested in publishing articles in the next issue, submissions are due by March 15, 2014. Please send your articles, poems and/or pictures to the editor at: