Membership Letter from President Borden

Dear Shintaido practitioners:

It is membership renewal time and membership dues are the main source of income for Shintaido of America (SoA). Here are some of the benefits and accomplishments of Shintaido of America:

  • Liability insurance for every member of SoA regardless of where you practice. This insurance is good at any Shintaido class, workshop, or gasshuku.
  • Exams offered by accredited SoA Instructors at Pacific Shintaido’s Kangeiko in January, Shintaido Northeast’s Kangeiko in February, the Shintaido Farm in June, and Bellingham, Washington in August.
  • SoA Instructors also held numerous local and regional workshops, including several in Bellingham, Washington, and others in Northampton and Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • The Shintaido Farm in Deerfield, Massachusetts, the first dojo in the United States owned by Shintaido members is active with gasshuku and workshops. For more information on the Shintaido Farm, please see the News item on our web site at
  • Our SoA Technical Committee sent two delegates from this country to participate in the European Shintaido College event in October 2006.
  • Our online photo archive continues to expand, and we have developed a number of professional-quality brochures for promotional purposes.

Here are some ongoing benefits of being a member of SoA:

  • Online registration for events and dues payments
  • DVDs, videos, written publications, and other materials sold on the SoA website
  • Accreditation and continuing training for Instructors, and the ability of all SoA members to take exams

You can pay your dues online at: or you can send a check or money order to PO Box 1979, Novato, CA 94948-1979.

Thank you for your support of Shintaido of America, and Shintaido in America.

Best Regards,

Connie Borden
President, SoA

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