Shintaido Grants Available

In 2004, Shintaido of America set aside a pool of money for grants to people with ideas for promoting the growth of Shintaido.  These grants are specifically for activities such as publicity, outreach, or advertising that will help spread Shintaido. Any member of Shintaido of America is eligible to apply for a grant.
Last year two grants were awarded: one to the Bellingham group for costs associating with videotaping and producing a DVD of a workshop offered by Ito Sensei in their region, and the other to a group of people to shoot a pilot of the project to make new video DVDs of the entire Shintaido curriculum.
Do you have a great idea for how to grow Shintaido?  Please apply for a grant!  Shintaido of America is eager to help people who have the time and energy to promote Shintaido, and lack only the funds to bring their ideas to fruition.  It might be a brochure, it might be sponsoring a booth at a conference, or something else all together.  Please tell us.  Please come up with new ideas.  How can we spread the news about our practice?  How can we get more people coming to Shintaido class?
For the year 2005, there is again $2,000 available for grants, with a maximum of $750 per individual grant. Grant applications should be submitted by April 15.
The grant application is available from Member Resources.