Ito Sensei Hospitalized!

Please forward to everyone as we don’t have a formal way to contact all SOA members!

The following information is from Nancy Fukumitsu in Tokyo:

Carol Hui has just called me to let me know that Ito Sensei suffered a stroke here in Tokyo and is now in a large hospital somewhere near Nakamura Sei chan’s condominium. It is apparently quite serious and the next four days are very critical. It happened this morning (Wed.18th)–he had apparently been vomiting several times and felt unwell but had thought it was a flu’ bug.Anyways, if you would like to send a get-well message, you can email one or fax one to Carol and her husband will take all the messages to the hospital.

Please let everyone know

From: Tomi Nagai-Rothe
Date: Wed Feb 18, 2004 3:40:59 PM America/New_York
Subject: IMPORTANT NEWS – Bulletin #1

Dear Friends,
We are writing with unfortunate news. Ito-sensei suffered a stroke on Wednesday, February 18 in Tokyo and is in the hospital.

We have little news at this point. Apparently, he was feeling ill before being hospitalized but thought it was the flu.

We have put a communications infrastructure in place to keep people around the world informed and will send out word as soon as we receive it. Lee Seaman and Shin Aoki are in contact with people in Japan, and the two of us are acting as one collecting and dissemination point for information. If you hear any news, please forward it to us as soon as possible (at any time of day or night).

In the meantime, please put all your efforts into your thoughts and prayers for Ito-sensei, through Taimyo kata, shoko or the form of your choice. We trust you will put your sincerest efforts into your keiko on his behalf.

We promise to be in contact again soon

With thanks,
Tomi Nagai-Rothe (Pacific Shintaido Board)
Connie Borden (Shintaido of America Board, International Shintaido Federation Board)
office tel. 800-494-7683 ext. 224 or 415-561-6139
Home tel. 415-221-0463
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