October 13, 2015

Shintaido of America Board Meeting Notes Online

The new Shintaido of America Board of Directors had their first meeting on October 10, 2015. The minutes of the meeting are available online.

It was the first meeting of the new Board which was elected in September. As a reminder, the Board currently is listed below. At this first meeting, Connie Borden and Brad Larson were elected President and Treasurer respectively.

  • Elected members for two year term:
    • Nancy Billias
    • Connie Borden
    • David Franklin
    • Brad Larson
  • Permanent Members:
    • Haruyoshi F. Ito
    • Michael Thompson
  • Officers (not elected):
    • Stephen Billias, Editor Body Dialogue
    • Shin Aoki, NTC Chairperson
    • Chris Ikeda-Nash, Financial Officer
    • Robert Kedoin, Webmaster
  • Honorary Members
    • Henry Kaiser
    • Kesh Narayanan
    • David Palmer
    • Mario Uribe
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October 02, 2015

Shintaido Northeast Fall Gasshuku Pictures Online

Shintaido Northeast held their 2015 Fall Gasshuku at the Shintaido Farm September 26-2. Photos from the event taken by Stephen Billias, Anne-Marie Grandtner and Brad Larson are available online at:


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October 01, 2015

October Body Dialogue Online

The October issue of Body Dialogue is now available online. Articles in this issue are:

  • Sharing Tenshingoso with a Bunch of Buddhists by Deborah Jai Levy
  • Teaching Shintaido in a Challenging Environment by Carole Brouillette
  • New Shintaido of America (SoA) Board of Directors
  • ISC seeks member's ideas for new bylaws, vision by Lee Ordeman, ISC Board member
  • Last Dance at Shintaido Farm
  • "Applications of Tenshingoso" DVD
  • Reflections on a Theme
For those interested in publishing articles in the next issue, submissions are due by April 15, 2016. Please send your articles, poems and/or pictures to the editor at: newsletter@shintaido.org.

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