December 12, 2007

ADVANCE REGISTRATION - Tenshin Meditation Seminar with Aoki sensei July 6-7 2008

From Ula Chambers:

Dear Shintaido Friends in USA and Australia,

I have pleasure in sending you an update on the Tenshin seminar and reminding you that advance registration for the Shinatido Festival is now open. The first early, early bird deadline for the cheapest registration price of Euro 160 (TENSHIN SEMINAR ONLY) is end of January 2008. Please distribute this information to all your students, including beginning practitioners of Shintaido who are especially welcome at the Tenshin Seminar.

  • A registration by 31st of January with a non refundable deposit of Euro 100 will secure the cheapest rate you pay. The balance of payment is not then due until June 15 08.
  • The Tenshin Seminar is part of the Shintaido Festival, and is open for anyone to attend regardless of experience. No memberships or affiliations are required. This is an excellent opportunity for people to study directly with Aoki sensei a meditation programme developed over decades of research and development.
  • There will be translation during the keiko and the evening lecture into English and other languages.
  • It is a chance for people to meet and network with a range of international Shintaido practitioners in a relaxed atmosphere and a in a wonderful venue in the Italian Lake area.
  • For a small additional cost of Euro 80, registrants can also take part in the last plenary (Joint) keiko of the preceding event - the Shintaido Forum, as well as watching the Forum examinations. (ni-kyu /Assistant up to Nidan/Instructor level)
  • Of course if you plan to attend the other events during the Shintaido Festival (the International Instructor Conference or Forum), there are specially structured prices too. These and general information about the Festival can be viewed on line at
    Please bookmark this site for your reference

For FAQ plase go to the web site, or send me your specific questions relating to this seminar.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Italy!

warm friendship

Ula Chambers

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December 10, 2007

2008 European Forum during the 2008 European Festival

From Mieko Hirano:

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce that you can now register for the next European Forum (opened to the Assistants/2-kyu holders and above) to be held in Verbania from July 3rd to July 6th 2008. This Forum is part of the 2008 Shintaido European Festival (July 2nd to July 7th), between the Quadrennial International Conference of the International Shintaido Federation (opened to sei-shidoin (Instructor)/ni-dan holders and above) and the Tenshin meditation seminar led by Aoki Sensei (opened to general participation).

Program of 2008 Forum


The Forum will start on the evening of 3rd July with a welcome plenary (general) keiko lead by one of our high ranking sempai.


This will be followed by a full day of “mitori keiko” (watching keiko) of the advanced exams (Sei-shihan/san-dan and above). Mitori keiko is a very important form of keiko, sometimes undervalued, allowing for the “flow of ki” from elder to younger generations of practitioners ( see article by Giovanni Rossi on the subject on SNRC’s blog).


The Forum activities themselves will be going on from the very first evening (3rd July) at various times throughout the 2 ½ days until 6th July whenever time is available. The Forum is a whole new way of structuring a Shintaido event. We have been experimenting with this format and refining it in Europe for the past four years.

The European Shintaido College is very happy to share it with oversea friends on the occasion of this Festival. It consist of an exchange of offers and requests of the following types of practice:

  • Classic curriculum keiko
    Keiko based on the classical techniques of Shintaido, with instruction by a goreisha. This may also include practices intended to help prepare for exams.
  • Collegial practice
    Group keiko of peers who study some agreed-upon subject, but nobody is the goreisha ( see article by Ula Chambers on the subject on SNRC’s blog)
  • Applications and extensions
    Experimental keiko, unusual applications of Shintaido, discussions. Examples from the past include voice training, Shintaido for prisoners, a discussion about the role of women in Shintaido, etc.
  • Master classes
    A chance for individual instruction from Doshu (master instructors), with two possibilities : Performing Participants, who demonstrate a keiko, technique or kumite of their choosing ; and Audience Participants who observe and learn by mitori-geiko.
  • Private lessons
    This keiko include not only Shintaido but also include shiatsu, amma, feldenkrais etc.

    They are many indoors and outdoors dojos available on the gasshuku site anytime (day and night). This way, it will be up to you with help of skilled organisers, to propose, choose, negociate and organise your own “way of activities” (teaching and/or learning) during your time at the Forum.


The ESC (European Shintaido College) exams will be held on the afternoon of 5th July, (jun-shidoin(Graduate)/sho-dan and sei-shidoin(Instructor)/ni-dan). Participants from other countries may choose to watch those exams or go on with Forum exchanges or go touring the wonderfull sites of the lakes area.


The closing plenary will also be led by one of our high level sempai and it will also be open to the people participating in Aoki sensei’s Tenshin Meditation Seminar.


You will find all necessary information on the web site and also the printable version.

For more information, please use the following e-mail addresses according to your favorite language

  • (Giovanni, David)
  • (Clélie)
  • (Giovanni)
  • (Mieko)

Please enroll as early as possible. If you register by the end of January you will be able to benefit from the very early enrolment price and, this will help the organisation a lot.

Waiting for the pleasure to meeting you in Italy,

For the 2008 Festival organisation team
Mieko Hirano

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