October 22, 2006

"Unification" photos online

Fall colors changingOn October 7, 2006 Shintaido Northeast held their annual Fall Gasshuku around the theme of, "Unification". Jim Sterling Sensei attended from California as Guest Instructor.

Stephen Billias has created a new gallery with photos from the weekend.

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October 12, 2006

Shintaido Farm dojo named, "Tenshinkan"

In June, 2006, when Ito came to the Shintaido Farm to teach the Shintaido Sans Frontieres workshop, he gave the dojo a name: Tenshinkan, which means, "Heavenly Truth Building". The farm as a whole is still called the Shintaido Farm, but the dojo now has its own name.

Ito contacted Aoki Sensei and asked if he would do a calligraphy of the new name. Aoki Sensei graciously agreed. On Tuesday, October 3rd, Ito visited the Shintaido Farm again, led class, and presented Stephen Billias and Bela Breslau with a beautiful calligraphy by Aoki Sensei of the new name.

Group With Calligraphy

The framed calligraphy now hangs between the picture windows in the Tenshinkan dojo on the Shintaido Farm.

Calligraphy hanging on wall

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