August 31, 2004

Shintaido of Brazil

I recently noticed there is a website for Shintaido of Brazil.

Hiramatsu Yamato from Japan teaches Shintaido in São Paulo.

A few links to his websites have been added from our Links page and our Gallery page.

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August 24, 2004

Thanks to Hana Restaurant

Hana, the Japanese restaurant at 5th and Irving in the Inner Sunset is moving at the end of this month.

Last Kangeiko, we gathered afterwards at Hana Restaurant to celebrate the warmth and wisdom of Okada Sensei?s instruction. And to party together in San Francisco. And to share the hospitality of the Hana staff. There have been many Shintaido celebrations at Hana?s over the decades, many meals with Ito, many meals with family and with friends and with visitors, many delicious meals served with warm welcomes from Mr. and Mrs. Mura and their staff.

The kindness of the Hana Restaurant staff is legendary to me. I am now calling for Shintaido-affiliated folk who've ever enjoyed Hana's to send greetings to accompany Ito's calligraphic offerings to Mrs. Mura, Seiko and Kuniuko.

Ito has three paintings of calligraphy, which he intends to present to Mrs. Mura, Seiko and Kuniuko on the last Monday. We would like to add the greetings of all the Shintaido people as part of this presentation. Please contact anyone you think wants to be included.

Please email me your message to the Hana staff. I will collect them and attach the sheets to Ito?s works.

My email address is
Telephone: 415/826-0243
Address: 3801 21st Street
San Francisco CA 94114

Thank you,
Barbara Barnard

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August 13, 2004

New York Shintaido to be Filmed for Documentary

Jennifer Wilkov sent this in:

Hi, everyone!!


We have a unique opportunity in NY next weekend on Saturday, August 21st, at 1:30PM.

A documentary film maker who is creating a piece about the various activities in Central Park has asked us if they can film our Shintaido keiko for their film. This is outstanding!!

The documentary is being filmed by a European TV company and an independent Austrian producer.
The film is scheduled to air on European TV in the Fall of 2005 in Austria, Germany, Italy and France.
We will be shown in a few short shots as part of a collage/montage piece highlighting the many activities in the Park.

Is this cool or what?!!

So if you are available next Saturday and would like to join us, please come and do keiko beginning at 1:30PM. Keiko will be from 1:30PM until 3:30PM in the East Meadow of Central Park. Please bring a bo if you have one.

The exact location is the same location we practice at each Sunday.

The entrance to the East Meadow is located just above 97th Street on 5th Avenue.

Please let me know if you will be joining us for this unique event.


And many thanks to Ishii Sensei and Sumiko for practicing in our natural dojo this past Sunday in NY. Because of their keiko being seen by a representative for this film maker, we now have this incredible opportunity. Domo arigato!!

Be well and look forward to seeing you next weekend!!

Live and love in the light,

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August 08, 2004

Shintaido on BBC3

The BBC is airing a program this month on their BBC3 channel entitled, Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves The program covers many different martial arts and according to the episode guide, the Shintaido segment is in Episode 7 airing on August 30. The episode summary says:

A Glasgow fairground wheel makes Chris Crudelli find his balance and cab drivers in Cardiff reap the benefits. Meanwhile, in Japan, Master Tanaka and his daughter excel in the art of the sword. Chopping down arrows in mid flight can only be done 'when you and the sword are one.' The same intuitive relationship allows Master Presas in the Philippines to stick fight whilst blind-folded. The power of intuition and developing a sixth sense is what drives the acolytes of Master Aoki in Japan to stand under a freezing cold waterfall. Chris canít resist joining them for a cold shower and attempts to improve his pre-emptive talents into the bargain.

In making the show, the BBC visited Japan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, and the Phillipines. For each country they have a page describing the Masters they visited there which provides some interesting overviews of various martial arts. The Masters page for Japan has links back to our website for the Shintaido story and Aoki Sensei's background!

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