May 27, 2004

Marc Plantec's MATSURI 2004 Photos

Marc Plantec, a Shintaido practitioner from France, has made his large collection of MATSURI 2004 photos available on the web at:

You can click the menu items at the top to move through the three pages of photos. Clicking on a photo allows you to enlarge it.

Please contact Marc if you are interested in purchasing his three DVD set of Aoki Sensei's lecture, exams, and photos.

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May 23, 2004

Official Exam Results From MATSURI 2004

Lee Seaman, Chairperson of the National Technical Council, sent in these official exam results from the recent international gasshuku, MATSURI 2004. She has indicated the country each person is from as: US=United States, J=Japan, GB=Great Britain, F=France, I=Italy.

3 Dan: Hiroshi Akiyama (J), Shin Aoki (US), Tadafusa Sakakibara (J)
5 Dan: Masashi Minagawa (GB), Mitsuru Okada (J)

3 Dan: Connie Borden-Sheets (US), Christian Foulon (F), Robert Gaston (US), Naoki Hatakeyama (J), Mieko Hirano (F), Nobuhiro Kiyokawa (J), Jennifer Peringer (US), Giovanni Rossi (I)
4 Dan: Toshimitsu Ishii (J), Hideki Oi (J)
5 Dan: Mitsuru Okada (J)

Senior Instructor (Seishihan): Shin Aoki (US), Geoffrey Fitch (GB), Christian Foulon (F), David Franklin (US), Robert Gaston (US), Takeshi Hosokawa (J), Tomoko Katsuno (J), Nobuhiro Kiyokawa (J), Jennifer Peringer (US), Giovanni Rossi (I)
General Instructor (Daishihan): Alain Chevet (F), Hideki Oi (J), Pierre Quettier (F)
Master Instructor (Dohshu): Masashi Minagawa (GB), Mitsuru Okada (J), Michael Thompson (US)
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May 16, 2004

More MATSURI 2004 Photos

More photos have been added to the MATSURI 2004 gallery.

Thank you to Naomi Caspe and Robin Hathaway for sending in their photos!

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May 09, 2004

Instructors Page Updated

The instructors page has been updated with new ranks acquired. Please send mail to if there are any corrections that need to be made.

I hope to publish a full list of exam results at a later time. My Japanese skills were not up to the task of accurately recording the exam results as they were announced. If any MATSURI 2004 attendees have a complete and accurate list, please send it along!

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MATSURI 2004 Photos Added

The photo gallery has been updated with pictures taken at MATSURI 2004.

If you have photos you would like added to the gallery, please send them to

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