September 14, 2004

NorthWest Shintaido Exchange Exam Results

On August 21, 2004, NorthWest Shintaido Exchange offered summer examinations. Examiners were Ito Sensei, and Lee Seaman Sensei.

Shintaido examinations provide an opportunity for assessment of our practice by several very senior instructors. Exams are rigorous and challenging, and it is quite common for a practitioner to repeat the same exam several times before advancing to the next level.

We celebrate the commitment and courage of all examinees, who spend long hours in preparation and then demonstrate their form in front of the examiners and the audience.


Shelly Clouse10 kyu
Hal Siden9 kyu
Greg Beatty7 kyu
Lizz Roberts7 kyu
Isabel Farquhar5 kyu
Pamela Fuller5 kyu
Mike Sheets1 kyu


Hal SidenAdvanced Student

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