Shintaido North East – Shintaido North East Kangeiko

February 25, 2005 all-day

We are fortunate to have Ishii Sensei as our guest instructor. He is the
Director of the Shintaido Bojutsu program in Japan and has achieved the rank of Yondan in Bojutsu. Ishii Sensei has been practicing and studying Shintaido in all forms for over 15 years with Aoki Sensei, the founder of Shintaido.

Kangeiko will be held at Earthdance, a beautiful dance and retreat center in the woods of Plainfield, Ma. We can look forward to using an incredible octagonal dance space, living in a rustic farm house, having great vegetarian meals, the use of a sauna, and of course, the pleasure of great company

For more information, please refer to the SNE Kangeiko web page.

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