Comments: Shintaido Farm Update

Dear Bela and Stephen,
I think you are already creating big ripples as we have been lately thinking along the lines of what you are doing ie setting up a dojo space and - you mightn't believe this - I had just written in my journal this afternoon "Shintaido farm" - and it had a nice ring to it. I think we were picking up on what you are creating there. It's so exciting!! I'd love to come and visit...
Meanwhile, we make the most of what we have and plan to do workshops in the near future.
Good on ya and all the very best from Vera and Michael in Australia.
PS I'm wishing myself to get to US and Europe this (our) winter so you never know I might just turn up.
PPS By the way, Stephen, you might like to know that I house-manage a writers' centre in Katoomba, which plays a growing role in the national writing scene, FYI:

Posted by Vera Costello at June 15, 2005 03:39 AM