2008 Shintaido European Festival Registration Information

From Rob Kedoin:

The 2008 Shintaido European Festival will be from July 2-7 in
Verbania, Italy. I am writing to you because the organizers have asked
me to be a national representative for the US & Canada.
The early registration deadline of February 29 is fast approaching, so
if you are interested in going, please visit:


to regsiter.
The only way to pay your registration fee is by wire transfer. Since
wire transfers cost approximately US $30, I would like to offer folks
in the US the ability to pool together monies for one wire transfer.
The wire transfer will be sent on February 27 to insure its timely
arrival by the deadline of February 29. Only checks received by
February 27th will be included in the group wire transfer.
1) Once you have enrolled at the website above, please determine your
total registration fee in Euro.
2) Then visit this currency converter to find out how many dollars
that converts to:


3) Then send a check made out to “Robert Kedoin” in the dollar amount
from step #2 and mail it to:
Robert Kedoin
16 Wynwood Dr.
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
4) With your check, please include a note with the following information:
a) The events you’re registering for and the total cost in Euro
b) Any exams you might be challenging
c) Your travel information to and from the gasshuku (if you know it already)
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have
about the event. I can be reached at:
Phone: 609-936-1588
Email: robert@kedoin.com
Please remember the deadline for me to *receive* checks is February
27th! (Not postmarked by, but actually in my mailbox… 🙂 )
p.s For people who are Assistants and above and are attending the
Forum…The Forum format is not a format that we have seen here in the
US. Prior to the event people are encouraged to place requests for
classes they would like to attend. People are also encouraged to
propose classes they would like to teach. At the moment, the mechanics
of how people should post these requests has not been ironed out. I am
still waiting to hear from the organizers. I will keep you posted.